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Friendly Dictator
"I mean, how could I possibly be evil? Just look at this totally bogus painting of my face!" *Mwah* *mwah*


By Alan C. Robles


A few people were prosperous. People like Herminio Disini, Danding Cojuangco, Imelda Marcos. Ferdinand Marcos, junior -- Bongbong -- got his own island, Calauit -- as a hunting preserve. He demanded, and was handed, millions of pesos from a private company, Philcomsat. "What could we do," a company officer said later, "he was the president's son." Imelda turned the Philippine National Bank into her private piggy bank and Philippine Airlines into her personal air service. She bought condos in New York, ordered posh department stores to close their doors so she could shop inside in peace, handed out hundred dollar tips to Americans. Where'd all this money come from?

Marcos ruled unchecked for almost 14 years, free to write his own laws as he went along (after he was overthrown, investigators discovered dozens of secret decrees he'd kept handy for all possible contingencies). With those awesome powers, what progress did he bring to the country? In 1974, the poverty rate was 24%. By 1980 it was 40%. When Marcos assumed the presidency, the country's foreign debt was US$1 billion. By the time he fled, it was US$28 billion. Where'd all the money go? Investigators later estimated the Marcoses stole at least US$10 billion, most of it salted away abroad. Martial Law sustained a plunder economy run for the benefit of the Marcos family, its relatives and associates. Everyone else was just an afterthought.


During Martial Law, not only did the Communist New People's Army increase in strength, from a few hundred to more than 20,000 soldiers, but crime in Manila became so bad that at one point Marcos actually ordered the deployment of "secret marshals." These were armed plainclothes military agents who pretended to be passengers in jeeps and buses, with orders to shoot and kill anybody they thought were criminals.

The worst threat to peace and order was none other than Marcos himself. Historian Alfred McCoy estimates the Martial Law regime killed more than 3,000 Filipinos and made hundreds disappear. Dinampot (picked up) entered the venacular to describe what happened to Marcos critics, who were usually labeled "subversives" or "dissidents." Another word coined under the dictatorship, "salvage" -- murder committed by the authorities -- acquired international notoriety. If there was "peace" in the country it was the graveyard silence produced by fear and repression.


True. He could build and build because it wasn't his money that was being used, it was the taxpayers'. And of course, Marcos made sure he got a cut. The biggest, most famous construction project, the billion-dollar Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, was an overpriced, graft-ridden structure which paid Marcos millions of dollars in kickbacks. His crony Herminio Disini got such a large commission he could afford to flee to Austria, buy a castle and settle down. The country took years to pay off the BNPP. It still hasn't been used. Imelda also had an "edifice complex." She was in such a hurry to have the Film Palace in Roxas Boulevard finished, part of it collapsed, reportedly burying workers alive.

Imelda's idea of infrastructure for the poor was a high whitewashed concrete wall around Manila's squatter areas, the better to hide the poverty and misery, and so avoid depressing passing motorists and tourists.


Actually he was urging his generals to attack, but in front of the TV cameras made a big show of concern over civilian casualties. Reporter Sandra Burton, who was there, wrote: "Viewers had just witnessed another bit of play-acting, or moro-moro, between Marcos and (General Fabian) Ver, which seemed intended to impress upon his official US audience the president's concern for preventing bloodshed, even as the Americans' sensitive communications devices were intercepting his generals' orders to fire on rebel headquarters."

The truth was the dictator's generals were reluctant to attack. According to Beth Day Romulo, one general later said his huge amphibious assault vehicles could have "rammed through the crowds." However, "I didn't want to be known as the Butcher of Ortigas Avenue."

Marcos kept up the pretense. Burton wrote how: " Hyperventiliating again, Ver grew more and more excited. 'Just give me the order, sir and we will hit them.' Marcos, looking reasonable, compared to his bellicose chief of staff, refused. Yet even as he spoke, his generals were ordering Colonel Balbas to stop making excuses and fire the mortars he had positioned early that morning on the golf course inside Camp Aguinaldo." Marcos never let a few broken, maimed bodies stand in his way. He wasn't about to stop.


He refused to share power. He kept a closet full of secret decrees. His word was law. The judiciary, legislative and military were his puppets. If Ferdinand Marcos could claim credit for all the nice buildings constructed during his regime, he should also take responsibility for everything else.

The truth was, Marcos was evil from the get-go. As a young man, he assassinated his father's political opponent -- through a coward's way, sniping from long range in the dark of night. He fabricated a record as an alleged guerrilla leader during World War II. He opened a secret Swiss bank account -- under the pseudonym "William Saunders" -- with Credit Suisse in 1968, years before he declared Martial Law.

Marcos was all of a piece. He intended to run the country purely for the benefit of his family and friends, and to set up a dynasty that would continue the plunder. He was prepared to do anything to hang on.

During the snap election campaign in 1985, he sneered that his opponent, Cory Aquino, was a mere housewife with no experience. Cory fired back with a statement that summed up the dictator: “I concede that I cannot match Mr. Marcos when it comes to experience. I admit that I have no experience in cheating, stealing, lying, or assassinating political opponents.”



Submitted by tsami (not verified) on
yes of course, marcos is far better than any president as of today. now everybody steals from the lowest rank to the highest government position, i rather have one thief :)

Submitted by Dondi (not verified) on
One thief that can bring down an economy? OMG! One thief stealing 10 billion dollars versus 1000 thieves stealing 10 million pesos each? Hmm? Question: Want several maids stealing 1 peso everyday from your large piggy bank? Want a maid stealing your piggy bank?

Submitted by marc os the beast (not verified) on
Walang like dito?

Submitted by kir (not verified) on
where did you get your stupid analysis? Did Marcos bring down the Philippine economy if so how much is currency exchange of peso to dollar today compare during Marcos?

Submitted by alan on
Before I can answer your question, I have to understand what you're saying. Please improve your statement. I recommend more education and less marcos zombie loving

Submitted by wenn (not verified) on
Straighten your mind pls before marcos became president 1$ = 1PESO.. pero ng c marcos na ang naupo 1$ = 19 til 28 pesos.. next to japAn ang pinas before when marcos was not our president yet.. do some research statistics and historical facts dont lie.. our external debt balloned from 100 million to 28 billion.. and come 2025 that thIs debt encured by marcos will be fully paid..

Submitted by wenn (not verified) on
Straighten your mind pls before marcos became president 1$ = 1PESO.. pero ng c marcos na ang naupo 1$ = 19 til 28 pesos.. next to japAn ang pinas before when marcos was not our president yet.. do some research statistics and historical facts dont lie.. our external debt balloned from 100 million to 28 billion.. and come 2025 that thIs debt encured by marcos will be fully paid..

Submitted by wenn (not verified) on
Knowing how power hungry marcos was, and how he fed his cronies to support his evil plans, and how many years he stayed In power.. its foolIshness not to see how he abused the influence he was holding.. statistics aand historical records dont lie.. Marcos was evil

Submitted by wenn (not verified) on
Sir u r just justifying ur own statement/question that marcos was indeed a thief.. how could he acquired such wealth when theres no valid record that supported his claims of his illgOKtten wealth? And why would he use aliasis on is swiss account?

Submitted by wenn (not verified) on
Ur statement alone shows that marcos indeed was a great thief.. and thanks for recognizing that.. during the dictators time it was only marcos and his cronies who enjoyed the money of the phil treasury.. they fed on the peoples money, thats why we end end up as THE SICK MAN OF ASIA during marcos time

Submitted by wenn (not verified) on
Erap had done only a fraction of marcos evil deeds.. statistics aand historical record shows and cant be denied how muvh money did marcos looted, how he put the phil. In great debt, how he made phillipines the Sick Man of Asia,, Cory on the other hand didnt aspire to run for pres.. its the fIlipino masses who pushed her because we believe in her sincerity, bad thing was that the economy when Cory assumed the prezidency the philippine treasury waS bankrupt because mafcos took everything and even leave the philippinez in great debt thathe filipinos will havd to pay for it until 2025.. now tell me is that ur idea og a good president?

Submitted by content blog post (not verified) on
I got this site from my pal who shared with me regarding this web page and now this time I am visiting this site and reading very informative content at this time.

Submitted by KUpal (not verified) on
Mr Alan has a narrow understanding of the Marcos Era. Yah some of this were correct... but most were wrong.<br />How old are you? Were you born before Marcos became president?<br />I would say, Marcos was and still the greatest president.<br />unsolicited advise: mag research ka uli. seek for the truth my friend.

Submitted by Bongbong (not verified) on
Indeed, he has a narrow understanding of the Marcos era... what he mentioned in the article was just the tip of the iceberg. That infernal era was the worst! Of course, Cory Aquino could have stopped these corruption from continuing if only she had the guts to eliminate all the Marcoses and their loyalists, cronies and supporters from the scene; she should've done what the Sandinistas did to Somoza... sadly, she was a religious woman who can not order such things. It was a wasted opportunity. Lucky plunderer and their cohorts!

Submitted by alan on
dear KUpal, i'm your friend? Does that mean you can lend me money? It will have to be that, because I don't think you have any intelligence to spare. Yes, my new furry friend, I was around to witness the Marcos Murder show. As a reporter, I climbed the gates of Malacanang the night Marcos fled, just to prove to my satisfaction that your master had fled.

Submitted by ka_fredo (not verified) on
Do you have more stories about those white washed walls? They were cleaned for the Ms. Universe pageant right? Cleaned up to cover the slums inside Manila.

Submitted by alan on
@ka_fredo: as far as I know the walls are still there. I remember recently seeing the one surrounding the squatter area along Quirino cor south superhighway. From what I remember there were two major events then: the Miss Universe, as you say, and then th

Submitted by Antonio M (not verified) on
And marcos jr. is running for senator?? Whoever is voting for villar and marcos must be NUTS. People just look back 40 years ago, and you'll know why these people should not be in public office.

Submitted by alan on
@Antonio M<br />M is for Marcos, murderer, maggot, manloloko,magnanakaw<br />M is also for mamamayang mapagbigay, malimutin at madaling utuin

Submitted by wenn (not verified) on
i agree and believe with everything that is written about marcos.. the man who raped the philippines, as long as their are victims of his human rIghtz abuse, the truth will continue to echo till the next generation..

Submitted by kurikongpalad (not verified) on
why do we always looking at somebody. why do we look at people whos running the government? fcuk the government. theyre all the same. we could never know whos the good and the bad. the bida at contrabida. as far as i know.. change and good things starts individually, within ourselves. this is crap. marcos is like how many years past? fcuk.

Submitted by onemd (not verified) on
Not to hide the fact that the Marcos Regime did a lot of terrible things to our country, but we should also put some things in perspective. <br />1. The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was mothballed under the Aquino administration. Upon her orders, she wanted a nuclear free Philippines. Even if the BNPP was overpriced, it was, at that time, an up to spec nuclear power plant. It was also during her term that the country experienced severe power outages country wide, much like what is happening today. This was only solved during the Ramos Administration where he used his emergency powers to put online private power producers without public bidding.<br />2) Anything that had the Marcos seal or master plan was put on hold during the Aquino Administration. The construction of the additional LRT lies, the construction of C5 and C3 roads, and the use of the GSIS building along the reclaimed area in Manila bay. But look at us now. Who is benefiting from C3 and C5? Isn't the senate holding office in the GSIS building? Which administrations took credit for the LRT extension projects when it was actually dreamed up way back during the time of Marcos?<br />Admit it, with the bad, also came the good. Sadly, we only remember the bad things that the regime had left and forgotten the good that it also brought us.

Submitted by alan on
@onemd - did we ever really need Martial Law at all to get all those so-called &quot;good&quot; things you're talking about? Did thousands of Filipinos have to die, lose their freedoms, be robbed, tortured, oppressed and forced to kneel, did the poverty r

Submitted by onemd (not verified) on
Did the lifting of Martial Law and the expulsion of the dictator also bring those things back?<br />Thousands still died and continue to die in the name of democracy and freedom.<br />Did the poverty rate drop or improve in the years after the regime?<br />Did the so called saviors of democracy restore any of the civil freedoms that we enjoyed prior to regime?<br />Isn't what is happening now just the same as what was happening during the regime but more widepspread?<br />Isn't the current government just as bad if not worse as the Marcos regime?<br />I'm just saying, its easy to point a finger to all the bad things that the regime did to our country.<br />It did some good, true, at a painful cost. But after its removal, did we as a country capitalize on the opportunity presented to us then? Or did we just bask in the glory of people power and the bloodless revolution, then went back to our old ways?<br />Really, if you are so mad and against the Marcos regime, then by all accounts you should be just as angry at the administrations after since following your logic, they did nothing either to lift our country out of what Marcos plunged us into.

Submitted by alan on
@onemd Were you even ALIVE during Martial Law? None of these things we're doing now -- writing, complaining, bitching -- would have been possible or allowed. Just talking about corruption would get you arrested and tortured. Mentioning Danding's or Enrile

Submitted by onemd (not verified) on
I never said martial law was good. And my argument doesn't delve on whether martial law was good or not. The points i raised were merely the good things that the Marcos regime implemented. I am not belittling the fact that many atrocities were done during his regime and that everyone of us suffered during those times. I'm just putting things in an objective point of view.<br />Yes, I was alive during the days of Martial Law, and had to live through the days of the curfew, controlled media and sterilized news. <br />And yes, by those standards, today is a far cry from what was present during that time.<br />But still the fact remains, we are still no better off then during the post martial law days. Crony capitalism still exists and the poverty and unemployment rates have skyrocketed. The old trapos are still in power, and its all the same garbage.<br />The government, the people, we are all accountable for what happens to this country. <br />Finger pointing and political leanings aside, each administration did some good, even the Marcos Administration. They did some awful things too, Marcos' administration doing the most. What we can pick up from this is work harder for people to realize that progress and success does not lie in government alone. It is a shared responsibility between the people and its leaders.<br />That we should not forget the lessons of history and that we are all responsible for our country.<br />Maybe its time we should get off our soapboxes and work for what we believe in.

Submitted by alan on
Read what you wrote carefully. Your allegedly &quot;objective&quot; view includes this wonderful question: &quot;isn't the current government just as bad if not worse than the Marcos regime?&quot; the answer of course is NO.<br />If remembering the crimes and depredations of a murderous leader and regime is to you, mounting a &quot;soapbox&quot;, and if there are many like you, then it's little wonder that Imelda Marcos is still walking around mobbed by fans and Bongbong is about to run for senate -- when the entire family should be breaking rocks. Will you also try to forget Arroyo's transgressions down the road because doing so would be &quot;finger pointing?&quot; <br />The fact that the status quo is disappointing -- and if you will read the rest of this site you'll find stories about Erap and Arroyo -- is undisputed, but has nothing to do with whether Martial Law did any good. You point to things like the C4 and BNPP. I answered, were they worth it? Did you need Martial Law for those? Given the cost they were not worth it. Martial Law destroyed whatever vestige of democracy we had. We are still trying to rebuild the institutions Marcos demolished or corrupted.<br />It's true that people should work harder and realize it's a shared responsibility -- in fact I said that a couple of posts to you. But if &quot;working harder&quot; means not remembering what a family and cronies that stole billions and murdered thousands did -- well then that strikes me as laying the groundwork for a repeat of the past . <br />If you're looking for a site that celebrates the good achievements of the Marcoses, or worse, wants to forget them altogether, you're in the wrong place. This is for keeping memories, not blotting them out under the guise that remembering them is an exercise in &quot;finger-pointing&quot; or mounting &quot;soapboxes.&quot;

Submitted by Weewee (not verified) on
alan, to put things in perspective and because i've had to battle marcos lovers all of my adult life, take a step back and see that there will always, always, always be nuts who will insist that marcos did us a lot of good etc etc etc.. talking to them, arguing with them is a total waste of time at the very least.<br />our greatest glory as a people was when we managed to finally kick the evil dictator and his family. our greatest shame is that they are back, so much like eating vomit.<br />i love your articles ~ they will remain for future generations to REMEMBER and maybe, finally LEARN from (gasp! this hope is too precious~ Filipinos finally learning that despots are pompous dickheads who have no place in civil society and ought to be kicked out royally)..they are such precious gifts, your writings. <br />so we do what needs to be done for our children. <br />all stupid, unread morons incapable of learning the lessons of history and who LONG, dear god on high! - for their chains can just dry up.

Submitted by Joey (not verified) on
I was a mere kid when my parents brought me to the old Channel 4 (where ABS-CBN is right now), to &quot;be with the people&quot;, as my mom put it. I will never forget that one singular moment, because a few minutes after sitting on the grassy area to partake of a simple lunch/dinner (linner?), tand here was a sudden commotion, and then people up and running, with gunshots being fired, people shouting &quot;Takbo! Takbo! Binabaril tayo ng mga tauhan ni Marcos!&quot;<br />People had converged at Channel 4 to make a protest, and a peaceful one at that. There was no placard waving, no angry chants, no forceful show nor violence, people just expressing their outrage at how Ninoy was brutally murdered and collectively trying to find sanity and reason with this senseless act of violence. Somehow, the fact that Marcos' men attempted to shoot at the crowd that had amassed at the station was a mere extension of his dictatorial policy: Eliminate anyone seen as a threat or an oppositor.<br />My parents brought us (kids) home and they continued meeting at the Times Street house of Ninoy and Cory. Thus began a weekly ritual of going to Luneta on Sunday, taking a (really) long walk all the way to Baclaran Church and back, all to show our collective disgust at Marcos. Yes, we were kids, yes, we may not have understood it all at that time...but I am forever grateful for what my parents instilled in us. Never, ever settle, just because it is comfortable. If you do nothing when evil is committed, you are just as culpable. (If not even more so, as you could have a chance to do something RIGHT.)<br />Alan, thank you for your article. You must continually write, as history has shown us - all too painfully - that Filipinos have cultural amnesia. In spades.

Submitted by Jim Ayson (not verified) on
Alan Robles didn't make this all up. This is all documented, all in the history books. History has already judged Marcos and the Marcos family and no amount of whitewashing can obscure what has already been part of the public record.

Submitted by alan on
Thanks, Weewee, Joey, Jim: it is so reassuring to know that there are others who feel the same way, and haven't forgotten. I just wonder what students in elementary and high school are being taught about the Martial Law years

Submitted by Grace (not verified) on
More than we can count Alan! By the millions I'm sure. Many have left during the Brain Drain that started circa 70s - thanks to Disco Ferdie &amp; Imelda! Pls. continue your much needed work on keeping the truth alive. I think part of the twisted popularity of the Marcoses is attributable to the fact that there was no freedom of the press during their two-decade long reign of terror. Not enough was exposed as it was happening and the public did not witness them being criticized openly. This underscores how critical to a mature society freedom of speech is. It's hard to undo Marcos propaganda after the fact. Thanks so much!

Submitted by sonia (not verified) on
Hi. Hope you do more research. You did not include these: there was a time when Marcos also ordered to return all American cars because they don't want to lower their price. Since he was protecting the interest of the Filipino people then, he immediately ordered to return all unsold cars to the U.S. Next, when America asked Marcos to send combatan team in Vietnam...yes during the Vietnam war...Marcos did not send a combatan team instead he ordered to deploy our Medical Team so we can help both country. His reason was very simple...Vietnam was not our enemy. Now about the freedom of speech or the so called Democracy...do you think we have a democracy in our country. Maybe yes...for few people only. But in reality most of the Democracy advocates are now selling our properties to the foreigners.Hope you do more research before you write something.

Submitted by alan on
gee sonia, what a simple beautiful picture you paint! All I have to do is forget the murder of thousands, the torture of thousands more, the massive looting, crony corruption, the greed that destroyed the Phil economy, the subversion of democratic institutions. Gee that's all! But I guess a little quaff of your magic research potion will lobotomize that, eh?

Submitted by Rodrigo (not verified) on
Sonia - PWNED!<br />For every little bit of good Marcos did (if there were any), a thousand other evil acts were committed. We were personally affected by that regime so you cant tell me it was good.

Submitted by qwerty (not verified) on
Move on guys. You are living 20 years behind. Wala nang Martial Law.<br />Kung ayaw ng Tao sa mga Marcoses, huwag nilang iboto. Kung ayaw nyo sa marcoses, huwag nyo iboto. Iba iba kasi ang pananaw ng mga tao. Iba iba ang experience nila sa panahon ng martial law.<br />Sa father ko, na government employee .. mas maganda daw ang buhay nya nung panahon ni marcos. <br />Ako wala akong masasabi, kasi hindi pa ako buhay noong panahon ng martial law.<br />Mayroong iba dito na ayaw talaga ng martial law.<br />Iba iba ang pananaw ng tao, irespeto nyo na lang kesa sa mag reply kayo ng panlalait. Nakakahiya lang kasi kayo at mas lalong hindi ako magtitiwala sa mga tulad nyo na walang masabi kundi mga panlalait lang.

Submitted by filipina (not verified) on
Kudos for keeping this blog. Since Filipinos are so forgetful, it helps to have this out there reminding Filipinos that we can't afford for another dictator to set up shop in the Philippines. We have to continue to be vigilant. The younger generation must be educated about how dark the Marcos regime really was.

Submitted by degenerate (not verified) on
Whoever wrote this is anti Marcos. These are based on theories not facts. Marcos was ousted because people who could not wait to rule the country were getting impatient. Remember Enrile and Ramos? They too had plans to become president. They spearheaded the plot to rid of Marcos. Imagine if Marcos hadn't ruled, there would be no LRT. The Bataan NPP was a great idea but put to scrap because people who are ignorant said it would be &quot;bad&quot;. Of course you would refuse to share power if you can see that you are doing great. And by great I mean our air force topped Asia during that time, we did not have to import rice during that time and we had the respect of other countries.<br />Marcos can be called evil, but at least the man had a vision and the balls to execute it. Our country achieved heights like never before and for once we were moving forward. Every president we ever had was corrupt to some extent, but none of them had any of the accomplishments of the Marcos administration, industrially, economically, security and stability. The presidents after him were all imbeciles, 6 years each of wasted time and more corruption.

Submitted by sked (not verified) on
"Marcos was ousted because people who could not wait to rule the country were getting impatient." Now that is a theory. Yes he had a vision (subject to personal bias) but with so much ambition, he would eliminate anyone getting in his way. He and his Machiavellian ways...very sinister. Aside from his circle of family and friends, only his cronies and supporters reaped the benefits during his regime. Why should we, as commoners, applaud him for that?

Submitted by TNsoup (not verified) on
Degenerate, my father was captured and tortured by abusive military during Marcos time, if it wasn't for my Uncle and relatives serving in the military who showed up at the camp where they detained him, hit him with an M16 butt, my father would have been dead by what they called salvage! so whatever information published above I believe it is all true just look around you. And yes I agree that more research should be done about this collecting an accounts of people who were directly affected by the regime - A Memoir.

Submitted by pinoyboy (not verified) on
saying that without marcos there would not be an LRT is like saying without gloria there wont be an LRT2. It happened on there watch, i'm surprised the project wasnt botched under their rule. progress, slow or fast, happens all the time, thanks to hardworking filipinos, not to free loading politicians like marcos and gloria. <br />I think the reason why old dynasties made a comeback last election is because we dont keep a clear and honest record of our history. we should call things as they are. for gods sake i saw a video of our national anthem describing marcos as the president of the green revolution and erap as the centenial president. we should be very clear and precise when it comes to history so future generations will not be confused. <br />@degenerate - you seem to be judging marcos in his peak at his legitimate term. please judge him under the circumstances he left us with when he fled to hawaii. at least erap had the guts to face the people (not that i'm pro-erap). but thats for another blog entry.

Submitted by TNsoup (not verified) on
degenerate, qwerty. Why can't you see that Marcos' legacy is to show to present crooks that no matter how evil they'll do as long as they're in power and no matter how people complain they all - at all times get away with it! So they did none but set a bad example. Talk about economy, what all the ignorant were talking was how he reaped the seeds that had been sown by leaders before him! Did you forget their splurges the jewelry appraised at millions of dollars? The $10B debt they left? Think of how much worth is $10B almost 3 decades ago! How the next leaders would led us to recovery when ALMOST ALL of them awestrucked at how Marcoses did it and get away with it even parised for it! They would not care they wanted to learn how they did it! And there, they did! The Estradas (and all who came with him even his women), the Arroyos (and her relatives), etc. down to Mayors seat cannot wait to get their hands to Philippine pocket! I just hope that there will be no revision of the statement &quot;Philippines is a nation composed of 40 million cowards and one son of bitch,&quot; because the revision would be Philippines is a nation composed of 90 Million cowards, one son of bitch with his trained puppies. <br />Robles, good for you for starting this blog. Filipinos need more education about government politics and history. A good number of population do not know and therefore how would they care if they do not know? All they know was Lapu-lapu Magellan in Mactan Cebu. t's time for people to care if no one, then who will? <br />Time for education reform too, to get that middle school in every school going. We think we are a degree holder and proudly tell the world I'm college graduate yet in reality we are only second year college by standards cause some ----- genius think it's a good idea to skip 7th and 8th grade. <br />Time to put up middle school on the school system, take away those nonsense subjects in college and high school and replace them with updated PHILIPPINE HISTORY, GOVERNMENT, AND POLITICS as early as in Elementary years, a constant reminder is one way to bet memory lapses (Why many suffers from this?) thereby making sure that updated and accurate history will be observed closely by the next generation to come and mistake won't be repeated. <br />Time for Filipinos to stand up and not be afraid to teach the ugly truth (and not just about My beautiful Philippines Pearl of the Orient). All nations have both beauty and Beast. But Philippines tried to cover its Beast, displaying only what the world wants to see (little did they know world wants to see both sides or at the least they already knew). Hiding its beast is that weakness that only feeds and nourished it and making the Neurotic Leaders becoming strong!

Submitted by steve (not verified) on
sonia<br />Marcos and his wife were just plain good old fashioned crooks. They did nothing for the Philippines just enriched themselves. Just look at the legacy that they left behind, Shanty Towns in abundance No decent free healthcare. Brown outs.. Poverty everywhere. Cuba is a poor country but Fidel Castro had the welfare of his people at heart . Unlike Marcos.

Submitted by joselito.azarcon (not verified) on
mabuti pa nung panahon ni dating pres.ferdinand marcos,maunlad ang bansa ntn,madami sya accomplishment.at may respeto sa batas ang mga tao....ngayon marami magnanakaw sa gobyerno wala nmn accomplishment......ibalik sa malacanang ang magaling na anak ni apo.c BONG BONG MARCOS

Submitted by alan on
Malinaw na hindi binasa ni joselito azarcon yung storya. Baka naman maalala pa niya to: <br />MARCOS, HITLER, DIKTADOR, TUTA


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