5 Pernicious Marcos Myths

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Friendly Dictator
"I mean, how could I possibly be evil? Just look at this totally bogus painting of my face!" *Mwah* *mwah*


By Alan C. Robles


A few people were prosperous. People like Herminio Disini, Danding Cojuangco, Imelda Marcos. Ferdinand Marcos, junior -- Bongbong -- got his own island, Calauit -- as a hunting preserve. He demanded, and was handed, millions of pesos from a private company, Philcomsat. "What could we do," a company officer said later, "he was the president's son." Imelda turned the Philippine National Bank into her private piggy bank and Philippine Airlines into her personal air service. She bought condos in New York, ordered posh department stores to close their doors so she could shop inside in peace, handed out hundred dollar tips to Americans. Where'd all this money come from?

Marcos ruled unchecked for almost 14 years, free to write his own laws as he went along (after he was overthrown, investigators discovered dozens of secret decrees he'd kept handy for all possible contingencies). With those awesome powers, what progress did he bring to the country? In 1974, the poverty rate was 24%. By 1980 it was 40%. When Marcos assumed the presidency, the country's foreign debt was US$1 billion. By the time he fled, it was US$28 billion. Where'd all the money go? Investigators later estimated the Marcoses stole at least US$10 billion, most of it salted away abroad. Martial Law sustained a plunder economy run for the benefit of the Marcos family, its relatives and associates. Everyone else was just an afterthought.


During Martial Law, not only did the Communist New People's Army increase in strength, from a few hundred to more than 20,000 soldiers, but crime in Manila became so bad that at one point Marcos actually ordered the deployment of "secret marshals." These were armed plainclothes military agents who pretended to be passengers in jeeps and buses, with orders to shoot and kill anybody they thought were criminals.

The worst threat to peace and order was none other than Marcos himself. Historian Alfred McCoy estimates the Martial Law regime killed more than 3,000 Filipinos and made hundreds disappear. Dinampot (picked up) entered the venacular to describe what happened to Marcos critics, who were usually labeled "subversives" or "dissidents." Another word coined under the dictatorship, "salvage" -- murder committed by the authorities -- acquired international notoriety. If there was "peace" in the country it was the graveyard silence produced by fear and repression.


True. He could build and build because it wasn't his money that was being used, it was the taxpayers'. And of course, Marcos made sure he got a cut. The biggest, most famous construction project, the billion-dollar Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, was an overpriced, graft-ridden structure which paid Marcos millions of dollars in kickbacks. His crony Herminio Disini got such a large commission he could afford to flee to Austria, buy a castle and settle down. The country took years to pay off the BNPP. It still hasn't been used. Imelda also had an "edifice complex." She was in such a hurry to have the Film Palace in Roxas Boulevard finished, part of it collapsed, reportedly burying workers alive.

Imelda's idea of infrastructure for the poor was a high whitewashed concrete wall around Manila's squatter areas, the better to hide the poverty and misery, and so avoid depressing passing motorists and tourists.


Actually he was urging his generals to attack, but in front of the TV cameras made a big show of concern over civilian casualties. Reporter Sandra Burton, who was there, wrote: "Viewers had just witnessed another bit of play-acting, or moro-moro, between Marcos and (General Fabian) Ver, which seemed intended to impress upon his official US audience the president's concern for preventing bloodshed, even as the Americans' sensitive communications devices were intercepting his generals' orders to fire on rebel headquarters."

The truth was the dictator's generals were reluctant to attack. According to Beth Day Romulo, one general later said his huge amphibious assault vehicles could have "rammed through the crowds." However, "I didn't want to be known as the Butcher of Ortigas Avenue."

Marcos kept up the pretense. Burton wrote how: " Hyperventiliating again, Ver grew more and more excited. 'Just give me the order, sir and we will hit them.' Marcos, looking reasonable, compared to his bellicose chief of staff, refused. Yet even as he spoke, his generals were ordering Colonel Balbas to stop making excuses and fire the mortars he had positioned early that morning on the golf course inside Camp Aguinaldo." Marcos never let a few broken, maimed bodies stand in his way. He wasn't about to stop.


He refused to share power. He kept a closet full of secret decrees. His word was law. The judiciary, legislative and military were his puppets. If Ferdinand Marcos could claim credit for all the nice buildings constructed during his regime, he should also take responsibility for everything else.

The truth was, Marcos was evil from the get-go. As a young man, he assassinated his father's political opponent -- through a coward's way, sniping from long range in the dark of night. He fabricated a record as an alleged guerrilla leader during World War II. He opened a secret Swiss bank account -- under the pseudonym "William Saunders" -- with Credit Suisse in 1968, years before he declared Martial Law.

Marcos was all of a piece. He intended to run the country purely for the benefit of his family and friends, and to set up a dynasty that would continue the plunder. He was prepared to do anything to hang on.

During the snap election campaign in 1985, he sneered that his opponent, Cory Aquino, was a mere housewife with no experience. Cory fired back with a statement that summed up the dictator: “I concede that I cannot match Mr. Marcos when it comes to experience. I admit that I have no experience in cheating, stealing, lying, or assassinating political opponents.”



Submitted by concerned filipino (not verified) on
Well. I think all these given, I realize one thing. Marcos was GMA's Idol. She wanted to be so much like him but unfortunately she became president at a wrong time because now Filipinos are no longer ignorant.<br />As for Marcos, yes, I think he had his contributions and I wouldn't necessarily agree he was evil from the get-go. I think greed is something you acquire when you know you can get away with things. And he did. Enough to make sure that at least 4 more generations of Marcoses would not die poor. <br />As for @akoy filipino, I hope you do three things: <br />1. read the article before you react <br />2. don't let your 'loyalty' blind you from the facts that there were indeed massive corruption and killings during Marcos time <br />3. learn how to spell correctly before you start ranting on a fantasy that you only seem to participate in. <br />And oh, from what I know, we've never had an Emilda as a first lady. You must've been living in another planet.

Submitted by noynoy (not verified) on
who wrote this? noy noy? can you also make an article called &quot;cory&quot; myths, she is'nt a saint either

Submitted by zenaida (not verified) on
Mga nakaraan na yan. Nabayaran naman na nila ang kanilang mga pagkakamali. Isa pa, marami pa rin naman nagawa ang Marcos regime at isa siya sa pinakamagaling na pangulo sa bansang Pilipinas. Most Filipinos to date still have high respect to the Marcoses.

Submitted by alan on
@noynoy - Cory wasn't a saint, but she wasn't a murderous thieving monster either.<br />@zenaida - it must be hard living in Planet Moron

Submitted by Luntiang_Balaraw (not verified) on
Hi, good read, and I like the way you defend your position... Don't worry trolls are a dime a dozen don't mind them.... They are only good for a good laugh... For some it takes a very very long time for realization to set in. Right now medyo fresh pa yung mga nangyari kaya there are still people who tend to lionize Marcos kasi yung mga nakinabang dati buhay pa hanggang ngayon. Tapos ngayon ang siste pa is who ever is against PNoy for what ever reason (most especially those who supported candidates who lost) they tend to gravitate towards the person who they think is his opposite... mainly Bongbong. It's a good thing you remain steadfast marami na nga ang nakakalimot sa mga nangyari dati.

Submitted by Michael (not verified) on
Isang mahusay na artikulo. Pero mas mabuti po sana kung inilagay niyo po lahat ng pinagkuhanan ng impormasyon upang madouble check ng ating mga kababayang nagaalinlangan.

Submitted by Carlos Luz (not verified) on
There problem is Marcos is no longer with us, but the systematic culture of plunder he had left behind has been the inspiration of countless politicians who never get enough sucking the lifeblood of our people. Actually what he started as 10% kickback now runs as high as 40%:-(

Submitted by POGI (not verified) on
MYTH 1. UNDER MARCOS THE COUNTRY WAS PROSPEROUS<br />Definitely not Cory, FVR, GMA or any other administration that came after.<br />MYTH 2. UNDER MARCOS THE COUNTRY WAS PEACEFUL <br />Definitely not Cory, FVR, GMA or any other administration that came after.<br />MYTH 3. MARCOS BUILT MANY ROADS, SCHOOLHOUSES, DAMS, ETC<br />Infrastructure hasn't changed much since the 1980's... <br />MYTH 4. IN 1986 MARCOS COULD HAVE ORDERED HIS TROOPS TO RUN OVER THE CITIZENS ON EDSA BUT REFUSED TO DO SO, EVEN IF IT MEANT HE WOULD LOSE<br />GMA COULD HAVE ORDERED HIS TROOPS TO RUN OVER THE CITIZENS ON EDSA BUT REFUSED TO DO SO, EVEN IF IT MEANT HE WOULD LOSE<br />MYTH 5. MARCOS MEANT WELL, BUT IMELDA AND THE CRONIES RUINED EVERYTHING<br />GMA MEANT WELL, BUT FG AND THE CRONIES RUINED EVERYTHING<br />Hinde maka move on lang eh, as if si CORY or lahat ng sumunod na administration mas maayos, same lang din, mas panget pa nga e. PNOY's term is almost over, ung buhay dito lalo lng lumala, Inuuna nya pabagsakin mga kalaban ng pamilya nya kaysa sa asikasuhin ang pilipinas. kalimutan na yan. Magtulong tulong nlng pra umunlad dito. Puro na lang pulitika.

Submitted by another POGI (not verified) on
MYTH 3. MARCOS BUILT MANY ROADS, SCHOOLHOUSES, DAMS, ETC<br />First statement ---&gt; TRUE. LOL! <br />Ano ba talaga? Akala ko ba myth tapos true pala. LOL!<br />Tulad nito ang argumento mo: Si Juan ay may Toyota Camry. Galing sa erpat niya ang pera, Ang iniabot na halaga ay para makabili siya ng BMW. Hindi sariling pera ni Juan ang pinambili ng sasakyan at kinupitan niya pa ito. Ergo, myth lang na may Camry siya. LOL!<br />FAIL!

Submitted by anonympus (not verified) on
what it meant was it was true but what people saw was just the positive. when there was really an ulterior motive..

Submitted by msbabes (not verified) on
thanks for setting the records straight. i hope every filipino should know so they can be guided correctly!<br />@another pogi, the headings are the myths. the truths are the ones written after the headings, which you can call FACTS, because these are the truths!!! getz mo na???

Submitted by randy punsal (not verified) on
when he assumed another term of his presidency in 1965, the peso dollar exchange rate was $1 to p1, but due to the abolition of &quot;Breetonwoods Agreement &quot; in 1969, the &quot;equal&quot; exchange rate that was agreed upon by all U.N. member countries was changed to &quot;Floating Exchange&quot; rate so from then 1970 our Peso devaluates yearly even up to the late 80's... ang natatandaan ko P21 to a Dollar na 1984 pa lang...E papaanong hindi lalaki ang utang ng Pilipinas noong panahong yon....isipin niyo lang yung sinasabing $1billion dollar noong second term niya (1965) na hindi lang naman kanya kundi nag mula pa kay Aguinaldo din naman...hanggang kay Diosdado Macapagal, kailangan ko pa bang i explain? Logic lang yan! dun sa mga binanggit na tao may nakulong ba noong ma iupo ng mga Kano si Cory? si Imelda nga hanggang ngayon nandiyan pa! congresswoman pa! Si Danding? asan ngayon nakatago ba? si Disini? bakit nawala? di nahabol? si Bongbong andiyan! nakakulong ba? Senador pa nga eh...Higit sa lahat sino ang nakapagpatunay na si Ferdinand nga ang mastermind ng pagkamatay ni Ninoy? bakit hanggang ang clamor lang ng mga opisyales na ayaw kay Ferdinand &quot;wag lang siyang ilibing sa libingan ng mga Bayani!&quot; yun lang! Kase walang proof!!!! don't get me wrong!!! HINDI AKO MARCOS LOYALIST, isa rin ako sa nakikisigaw ng Marcos Resign matapos patayin si Ninoy! nakiiyak din ako sa EDSA bilang tour guide ng mga estudyante grade school man o high school o college andami kong sinabing masama kay Marcos! pero teka ngayon parang... ang ayaw lang yata nila yung presidenteng nangangagat kasi ang Gusto nila yung kanilang nais ang masunod pero ang mamamayan hinahayaan nilang Gutom para madaling Gaguhin! alam mo namang pag gutom ang mga mamamayan kahit sa patalim kakapit!!!

Submitted by PILYONGHUSBAND (not verified) on
how bout marcos good friend at tinuring na bayaning c ninoy?.anu ba nagawa nya?..naalala nyo ung jabidah massacre? mga muslim na tne- train ng military pra mabawi ng pinas ung sabah?..d ba c ninoy ang nagbulgar nun at cnabi nya na gagamitin lng un ni marcos pra sa pansarili. ggawin nyang private army pra sa eleksyon?.eh nagkamali xa..dba pagtataksil sa bayan un? ung pagkakamali ni ninoy na un ang lalong nagpaalab ng conflict ng kristyano at muslim..kng nung panahon ni marcos lalong dumami ang mga NPA pro takot silang bumaba ng bundok..nung naupo na c cory nadagdagan cla at nagbabaan na sa mga syudad..after ng marcos regime lalong bumagal ang pg unlad ng pilipinas..nauso ang malawakang brownout at pg taas ng mga basic commodities..wlang matinong leader lahat magnanakaw pro c marcos lng ang magnanakaw pro mraming nagawang mabubuting bagay pra sa bansa..ung mga sumunod sa kanya wla, nagsipag nakaw lng..tsk tsk tsk..

Submitted by anotherpogi (not verified) on
@emma<br />atakehin mo sinabi ko at hindi ako. of course, 'di mo gagawin kasi 'di mo kaya. LOL!<br />@msbabes<br />kung ang FACTS ay iyong written after the headings, eh 'di kasama din sa FACTS ang sinabi niya na &quot;TRUE&quot; which pertains to the hea

Submitted by RavenLoft (not verified) on
Simple thoughts lang naman yan, tanungin nyo na lang ung mga tao nung panahon na yun kung ano ang pipiliin nilang buhay, yung buhay nuon sa panahon ni Marcos na masagana ang Pilipinas o yung buhay natin ngayon na baon tayo sa utang simula ng maupo cla Cory/Ramos/Arroyo.... Conspiracy between Anti-Marcos and American Government ang dapat sisihin na mga natatakot sa mga pagunlad na kayang gawin ni Marcos sa Pilipinas, kinitil nla ang posibilidad na masama bansa natin sa mga super Powers... Ngayon sabihin nila kung anong naging produkto ng inngit nla at pagsisiksiksa utak ng sambayanang pilipino na kalayaan ang sagot sa lahat.. Walang katuturan ang kalayaan at ikaaunlad kung alang disiplina, wala disiplina ang mga pilipino kaya dapat lang na may Marcos na maghigpit nuon. Aanhin natin ang kalayaan kung gugutumin ninyo ang ating bayan. Nasan na ang mga sinasabi nilang bayani ng EDSA, c Ramos sus yan ang isa sa mga corrupt talaga na naging presidente napakaraming ghost project, cla Aquino ayun sila tong nangunguna sa EDSA ayun mga mayayaman pa din. Bakit ayaw nilang aminin na sa panahon ni Marcos ay umunlad ang Pilipinas, ngayon tanong nila sa sarili nila nung malukluk cla sa kapangayarihan ay napaunlad ba nla Pilipinas.....

Submitted by Brad (not verified) on
Tangina lang talaga yung mga nagsasabi ng mga ganitong myth. 90% naman sa mga jejemon na yan, mga kabataan na 'di inabutan yung panahon ni Marcos. Tangina nyo! Ang bobo nyo much!

Submitted by jejemon (not verified) on
jejemon talaga... they dont even know what myth means. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/myth

Submitted by Pal (not verified) on
Kesyo si Marcos yan, o si Quezon, o si Ramos, o sinong presidente pa yan, pare-parehong mga corrupt! Magaling lang mga propagandist nila kaya napapabango nila mga pangalan nila. Sige nga, sino sa kanila ang nagtanggal ng pork barrel? Wala, wala!!! Kahit sino pang pinuno ang iluklok mo, walang mangyayari kasi napakabulok ng political system ng Pinas...

Submitted by RJE (not verified) on
MARCOS PARIN .... KAHIT ANONG SABIHIN NINYO ......Sino bang presidente ang nag paalis ng Base Militar ng mga Kano sa Pinas ...... tapos ngayon hihingi tau tulong sa mga Kano para lang tulungan tau sa isla ng inaankin ng china...... tapos ngayon hindi naman sila ang nag pagawa ng airport pinangalan sa kanya ang airport ..... pero yung totoong nag pagawa d naman niya ginawa na ilagay ang pangalan niya. ...... marami lang kasi ang naiigit sa kanila. ...... MARCOS PARIN KAMI ........

Submitted by alan on
Dear Pro Marcos retards: Having read the gist of your collective messages, I can only conclude that you're not doing too well in college, are you? Critical failure of thinking, pomposity, factless driven shouting. Hollow-minded chest thumping screaming your love for a bloody, murderous, scumbag, rotten dictator who caused a national catastrophe we haven't recovered from. And the amazing way you pretend to have knowledge you can't prove! Tsk tsk. Well, you're made of the right stuff to be Marcos loyalists, all right.

Submitted by francis (not verified) on
Truth always prevail!!!!! MARCOS PA RIN!!!!<br />The Philippines one of the richest, progressive and peaceful economy during his times.....only National Capital Region were in Chaos to step down President Marcos..filipino individuals can buy food easily compared it now.. and businessman before they can't easily increase their price in their goods and services compared now if we paid the current bills too much price, as we consumers paid all the expenses included transmission charge, service charge,current charge..etc..<br />Some of MEDIA we're biased in report....TIME TO CHANGE...MARCOS WILL COME BACK SOON...

Submitted by SpyderWeb (not verified) on
Ravenloft: &quot; yung buhay nuon sa panahon ni Marcos na masagana ang Pilipinas o yung buhay natin ngayon na baon tayo sa utang simula ng maupo cla Cory/Ramos/Arroyo...&quot; pwede pakiulit hang dumugo ang ngala ngala mo? Saan nagsimula at sino ang nakinabang sa mga utang na yun?

Submitted by alan on
@SpyderWeb: masagana nga noong panahon ni Marcos -- masagana sa corruption, pagnanakaw, pagtotorture, pagpatay, pagsalvage at kasinungalingan

Submitted by Nala (not verified) on
Whatever... Everyone I talked to who was alive during that time regretted that they were part of edsa, they admit that back then the country was peaceful, clean, and life was easier! This article is just another resort to bring back status quo in favor of the people who benefitted and are benefitting from the aquinos being in power!! Tama na ang panloloko nyo! First paragraph made me laugh, and upon reading the entire article I became angry! Stop changing history! Stop brainwashing students!! Stop putting your agenda and opinion on children's textbooks and curriculum! You have been manipulating Filipinos for more than 25 years with your bullshit agenda! Just look at Philippines now! Kaliwat kanan, rape, patayan! People kill for a couple of bucks! Under martial law, walang ganyan! Nakakakain ang Pilipino ng matino! At mas matatalino noon! Ginawa nyong bobo ang pinoy! I refuse to let you do it further!!

Submitted by alan on
@Nala - hey moron, you forgot to talk to me, I was at EDSA. It was great! millions of Filipinos kicked dictator butt. The murderous thieving lying torturing scumbag Ferdinand, who stole US$ 10 billion minimum, wreaked havoc on the economy, doubled nationa

Submitted by madge (not verified) on
the martial law regime was the DARK AGE of Philippine History!!!!!!

Submitted by MKE (not verified) on
Panahon na para harapin ang ngayon at bukas... bakit ba kailangan pang ibalik ang kahapon...tsk..tsk..tsk... masbuti ang kalagayan noon kasi may mga mura o di kaya libreng gamot. Mas may seguridad ka kahit naglalakad ka ng mag-isa sa daan...Ngayon Mahal lahat ang bilihin at kahit na nandoon ka sa sarili mong bahay takot ka kasi baka papasukin ka nang mga tulisan...Hanggang ngayon ba ay uto-uto pa rin tayo! Let us do our part and I think this coming election is a good start for us! Sana di na natin ibenta ang ating mga boto sa mga pulitiko na nag aalok ng pera atin...Sayang!!!!!!

Submitted by kajs (not verified) on
Since we're on the topic of greed, here's something about your precious Cory Aquino and the Conjuangcos: https://www.facebook.com/notes/showbiz-government/its-hacienda-luisita-stupid-received-from-gdp/370225349697665

Submitted by Really? (not verified) on
This is a fine example of terrible journalism. Where are your sources?

Submitted by James (not verified) on
So ? ganon talaga kasama si marcos ?<br />Sa tingin ko parang hindi naman .. kung tutuusin nga eh si MARCOS pa ang naging pinaka magaling na presidente ng pilipinas ..<br />sa REGIME niya .. nasa 2nd world ang pilipinas .. sumasabay ang lakas militar ng pilipinas sa ibang bansa .. mababa ang bilihin .. mababa ang criminal rate ..<br />eh ngayon ? ano na ngyari ?<br />alam mo kung may dapat sabihan na bobong presidente sa pilipinas ehh yun ay dapat si CORY AQUINO.. dahil siya ang pinaka walang utak na presidente sa lahat .. puppet lang siya ng mga nagluklok sa kanya sa pwesto .. SA KANYA NAG UMPISA ANG KAHIRAPAN NG PILIPINAS .. hindi kay MARCOS dahil nung si CORY na ang naka upo .. malaya na naka kilos yung mga CORRUPT na politiko at dun na nabaon ang pilipinas from 2nd world at one of the top 10 progress asian country in the asia .. naging 3rd world nalang at nasa pang 76 poorest country in the world na tayo ..<br />sabihin natin naging corrupt si marcos pero di niya pinabayaan ang pilipinas di nya pinabayaan malugmok sa kahirapan ang mga pilipino..<br />wala kang alam kay marcos .. di mo siya kilala .. isa ka lang sa mga taong nalinlang ng libro at maling kwento ..

Submitted by coleslaw (not verified) on
nakakalungkot na may mga taong walang pakialam sa nakaraan (bilang parte ng kanilang kasaysayan bilang pilipino).

Submitted by jane (not verified) on
watever JAMES!

Submitted by Jay (not verified) on
tama james..haha di talaga natin alam ang mga nangyari pati yung history di naman 100 percent na tama, basta ang alam ko madaming matatanda ang may gusto sa patakaran at panahon ni marcos.. BOOM!

Submitted by gelo (not verified) on
James,<br />I would like to refute your argument, I being a political scientist. THERE IS NO SUCH CONCEPT AS SECOND WORLD. It's only FIRST AND THIRD WORLD.

Submitted by Lance (not verified) on
Marcos is great. He is brave, intelligent leader. But some of his actions are full of shit.<br />Cory is a saint to the eyes of everyone. But she is the main reason why the yellow piece of shit liberals and other business magnates controlled our country.<br />Cory is a piece of shit. Cory is a Liar! Not a saint! Marcos is much better than Cory!

Submitted by Chot (not verified) on
Kaya biglang Baba ang Economy when he was replaced. At least nung panahon nya may halaga ang piso kontra dolyar. e ngaun?. At nung Panahon nya hindi masyadong nag bbrownout.. At sino unang nagpagawa ng LRT sa Pilipinas? Na ginagamit ng milyong milyong Pilipino linggolinggo? <br />Mga haters ni MARCOS one question.. Hindi ba ang Obligasyon talaga ng Presidente e Gamitin ang Pondo ng Bayan para sa Taong Bayan? E bakit kayo nag rereact na ang daming pinatayo gamit ang pera ng Taong bayan? Hindi ba ginagamit natin hanggang ngaun ung iba sa kanila? Specifically Malaca&ntilde;ang? LRT? Marcos Highway? San Juanico Bridge? Ilan palang yan. <br />Sa panahon ngaun kelangan ng isang tulad ni Marcos sa tigas ng Ulo ng maraming pilipino. Sino ba naman ang Susunod sa batas kng walang parusang mabigat? Bakit susundin ang batas kng walang karampatang parusa? <br />Diplomasya? Ilang taon na tayong diplomasya pinaiiral at ilang taon na rin nag hihirap ang Pilipinas? Ang matatalino lng kasi e mga Politicians at mga media. Uto uto nmn ang Sanlibutan at walang sariling pakiramdam..<br />Amperfect lng ng mga president nyu ah.. Purong puro ang intension at walang ka bahid bahid ng kasamaan.. E wala nga naman ginawa ung mga bagong pinuno kundi habulin ung nakaraang Presidente GAMIT ANG PONDO NG MGA PILIPINO.<br />Naniniwala ako sa Malayang Impormasyon pero hindi sa MALING impormasyon.

Submitted by alan on
Another collective answer to all the Marocs loving tards. First, clearly you didn't read the article, so it's too much to hope you even clicked the links. So much for Philippine education. Second, I know it's tough being a loser in college, but you know, just because you got out of school doesn't mean you can now stop thinking. It hurts, but keep trying. And btw? &quot;boom&quot; is not an argument. You must have done course repeats, huh? Third, this is for you: MARCOS, HITLER, DIKTADOR, TUTA / MARCOS, HITLER, DIKTADOR, TUTA

Submitted by Arya (not verified) on
This article is Ad-infested. Just look at the upper and left portion of the page. I was supposed to type in my arguments but no thanks. I wouldn't want to visit this page again to read hundreds of opposing point of view while this scumbag of a &quot;writer&quot; gains hundreds of dollars out of Google Adsense. <br />To those fighting over this lame topic: good luck wasting your time over a total stranger on the internet. Adios Amigos. :)

Submitted by alan on
farewell dear Arya, we'll miss you. Actually we won't. Keep taking your self-importance pills, so useful for your continued existence

Submitted by baleleng (not verified) on
guys move on na... ulit ulitin nyo man ito eh wala na tayong magagawa... what we can do is to move forward and learn from past mistakes... wala nang magagawa yang mga debate nyo... yes its part of our history pero dyosme magpapadala pa ba kayo sa kasaysayan at sisihan sa kung sino naman ang may sala at kung sino ang papaniwalaan? yun lang!


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